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Relocating to Chicago? Then of course you’ll want to discover the best places to live in Chicago.

Here you’ll discover the best Chicago neighborhoods for your needs!

Start by exploring the Chicago Neighborhood Map. You’ll find profiles and all the latest listings for each neighborhood.

Want to narrow your list fast and get personalized advice? Talk with us, we know Chicago and are here to help you make the right choice!

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“How fortunate we were to find you! We truly appreciate the time and consideration you put in to helping us find our home, but also orienting us to Chicago. In addition to your knowledge and skill in real estate, who else could show us the first home and be right-on to our specs. We found you to be a wonderful, caring person, and also very giving.”

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Relocating To Chicago

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See yourself relocating to Chicago? We’ll help you take a closer look.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Chicago, here you’ll find free relocation services, resources and tips about the best places to live in Chicago.

Plus info on the cost of living, buying vs renting, schools, sports, arts and culture.

Relocating to a new city is about finding your home and your place in an unfamiliar world. We get it and are here to assist you.

Chicago Relocation Services

We are an independent boutique real estate brokerage specializing in Chicago’s Downtown neighborhoods. Here we are pleased to offer qualified buyers and renters relocating to Chicago free relocation services including:

  • Introductory needs assessment call
  • Chicago orientation tour
  • Tips on the best places to live in Chicago
  • Walk-thru video tour of homes via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom
  • Coordination of home finding and neighborhood tours
  • Help every step of the way!

Chicago Relocation Resources

Here are some helpful Chicago relocation resources:

1. Cost of living calculator

In comparison with many American cities, Chicago can be expensive. That said, Chicago properties can be a bargain compared with NYC and some California cities. So, to see the cost difference between your location and Chicago. Try this cost of living calculator.

2. Schools, sports, museums

If you have school age children of course you will be looking to live in a neighborhood with quality schools. To learn more about Chicago schools you should check out the Chicago School Locator Map.

Chicago is of course an amazing sports town. Here’s where you can learn about Chicago Sports. Or maybe you’re more interested in art and cultural attractions. If so, check out Chicago’s Museums, Galleries & Exhibitions.

3. Tips on buying vs renting

Renting is a great way to get acclimated to a new city before buying.

But if you’re not sure which is right for you, read Buy or Rent in Chicago?

If you already know you want to rent, check out our free Rental Match Service.

4. Getting around Chicago

Getting around the city can be a tad daunting at first. Never fear! We have an awesome little resource for you. It’s our article Getting Around Chicago where we give you the best tips for figuring out the city.

We wish someone had given us this knowledge when we first moved here!

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Your Chicago Relocation Guide

We’re here to be your personal Chicago relocation guide.

We’ve helped people move here from all over America and over twenty countries.

So, if you’re relocating to Chicago, talk with us. We promise to make your Chicago relocation the best it can be!

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