Welcome, success in your Chicago home selling process starts with hiring the best real estate broker for your needs. Start by reviewing our article Top 10 Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents Before Listing Your Home. Once you’ve decided on your broker you’ll sign a listing agreement which outlines all the services you’ll receive and how much you will pay in commissions. Often, a portion of the commission you pay the listing brokerage will be paid to the buyer’s agent’s brokerage at closing. You can negotiate both the amount you pay your listing broker and how much is paid to the buyer’s broker at closing.


    Next up is of course pricing. Everyone wants to know how to sell their Chicago condo for the most money. Clearly there are many automated websites that will give you a quote as to your home’s value. If you’d rather get the right number, your Best Chicago Properties Broker will prepare a detailed analysis of recent neighborhood sales, competition and current market conditions to determine the ideal list price to maximize your sale price. We call it a BESTimate.


    The next step in the Chicago home selling process is to position your home to shine above the rest. We help you judge the best time to sell your Chicago home. After that’s decided, we help you put your home’s “best foot forward” to impress buyers. Little things matter; things like making minor repairs, thoroughly cleaning the home and, if need be, some professional staging. We’ll help you by reviewing your home and offering tips on the best Chicago improvements that add value to your home. Don’t worry, we’ll also tell you what you don’t have to do!


    The Chicago home selling process is, as you might expect, all about marketing. Nearly all home buyers are searching online so of course excellent internet marketing in all forms is critical. With thousands of choices, the way to get noticed is to professionally present your home when and where buyers want to see it. Here’s our marketing plan for your home.


    We make it super easy for people to see your home and make your home shine every day it’s on the market. These things really do make a difference. We know you’re busy and we will help you make it happen. Arrangements for showings will be made in the manner you prefer, text, email or telephone…you tell us!


    A critical step in the Chicago home selling process is the negotiation. We are skilled experts in negotiation and have honed these skills over years of transactions and experience both in the real estate industry and other industries.


    Really, the Chicago home selling process begins with trust. Like our many happy clients have in the past, you can trust we will always put your interests first. One of the advantages of being a boutique brokerage is we are a small group and that enables us to know one another well. We only hire brokers we know and trust. That’s a luxury larger brokerages with all their overhead just can’t afford. Read our reviews and see for yourself.

What’s your home really worth? Get a BESTimate and find out.