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Chicago bungalows are a style of single-family home characterized by its one-and-a-half story design, brick construction and front porch. They were first built in the early 1900’s and quickly became popular. Bungalows helped to shape many of Chicago’s popular working-class neighborhoods.

Typically long and narrow by design, Chicago bungalows can be identified by their low-pitched roof and and front porch that runs the width of the house. Back then these porches were a great place to hang out and socialize with friends and neighbors and still are today. Porches are a key feature of the bungalow’s appeal. Bungalows also often have a front bay window, which adds light and curb appeal to the home.

Chicago bungalows were built in a wide variety of architectural styles. These include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Prairie Style
  • Tudor Revival

That said, they all share some common features like brick construction, a low-pitched roof and a front porch.

Chicago bungalows gained popularity for a number of reasons.

They were:

  • Affordable to build
  • Offered a comfortable and spacious living space
  • A symbol of the American Dream

Today, Chicago bungalows are still very popular homes which is why so many people search Chicago bungalows for sale. They are prized for their affordability, charm, and character. Bungalows are also relatively easy to maintain and update, which makes them a good choice for first-time homebuyers and families.

Chicago bungalows are so special because they are:

  • A symbol of Chicago’s history and culture
  • Affordable and spacious
  • Well-built and easy to maintain
  • Charming and have character
  • Located in diverse and vibrant neighborhoods

The Chicago “Bungalow Belt” includes popular neighborhoods like Gage Park, Hermosa, Portage Park, Auburn Gresham, North Mayfair, Rogers Park. Learn more about the Chicago Bungalow Historic District and available tax freezes.

If you are looking for a unique and affordable home in Chicago, a bungalow is a great option to consider. Use this resource to search Chicago bungalows or just ask us to find it for you, it’s our job and we love bungalows!

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