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Here you’ll discover current Streeterville real estate including Streeterville condos for sale. In addition, whether you’re thinking of buying, selling or renting in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood, here you’ll find some helpful resources:

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Streeterville Condos For Sale

Living In Streeterville

Streeterville residents range from Northwestern hospital medical students to empty nesters spending weekends in there Chicago pied-à-terre. Here, there truly is something for everyone.

Plus, as you might expect, Streeterville condos for sale are available in wide range of prices.

For instance, there are one bedroom units in 1960’s buildings priced in the $200’s all the way up to stunning new construction penthouses priced in the millions.

Moreover, living in Streeterville is more popular than ever. It’s a shopper’s paradise. From your doorstep, stroll along Michigan Avenue’s “Magnificent Mile”. Along the way stop in at Water Tower Place, the 900 North Michigan Shops or Neiman Marcus. Plus there are plenty of fantastic restaurants and attractions.

And finally, Streeterville is prime lakefront real estate sitting between Michigan Avenue and the lake. The zip code is 60611.

What’s Best About Streeterville Life?

To find out what’s best here, we asked clients and friends Emily & Lynn about living in Streeterville, one of best walkable Chicago neighborhoods. Our goal  here is to share with our readers what these two knowledgeable neighborhood residents like best about their life in Streeterville.

Here’s what they told us:

“We can’t imagine living anywhere else in Chicago”

“Living in Streeterville involved a change of plans for us. First, we sold our West Loop condo. The plan was to live in Streeterville in a high-rise rental until an interesting Streeterville condo for sale came along. We found a large dog friendly building and moved in. Four years later we are still here and can’t imagine living anywhere else in Chicago.”

Photo shows a young man high up on the side of a Streeterville Chicago apartment building washing the windows - the photo was taken from inside the apartment looking out at his profile and shows a glass tower building in the background. Living In Streeterville - Life In Streeterville - Streeterville Living - Streeterville Condos For Sale - Chicago Streeterville real estate

A brave window washer in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood!

“We had no idea that Emily would become quite ill and the proximity to Northwestern became a life saver. Being so close to Northwestern allowed Lynn to make frequent trips to and from the hospital. Talk about being in the right place at the right time…”

“We have always been attracted to tall buildings, hidden spaces like roof tops, the thought of buildings as an ever changing tapestry.

“Availability of staff of a high-rise has now become a big factor since Emily’s illness. Proximity to services has been a factor as well. We have a coffee shop and massage therapy attached to our building. Food trucks stay in front of our building. For us, a full service building has become very important. For example, our building has cute window washers, pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, library and a large fitness room.”

Is Streeterville life diverse?

“Sometimes tourists have their ‘blinders’ on and head right to Navy Pier. It is Illinois’ main tourist attraction. But look around and enjoy the lake, the amazing restaurants, and the diversity. Not what you’d expect, huh?”

“We have a multicultural and every age bracket neighborhood and all can feel comfortable here. Diversity plays a role in the restaurants too.”

Life in Streeterville: Dining out

“Ramen Misoya Chicago restaurant has a simple storefront but stays packed because of the authenticity. Dao Thai has has great Thai food and an outdoor patio you might miss. Minghin Cuisine is a Bibb Goumand award winning authentic Cantonese and dim sum restaurant. If cage free whole chicken, pigeon, and marinated jellyfish are too adventuresome, no worries as they have something to make everyone happy. Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese restaurant that has cooking at your own table.”

“There are amazing rooftop and lounges.”

Green River on a stylish 18th floor building was awarded one of the top restaurants in the 2017 Chicago Michelin guide. There are at least five rooftop lounges and restaurants.”

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snow in Streeterville Chicago, IL Living In Streeterville - Life In Streeterville - Streeterville Living - Streeterville Condos

Looking out to Streeterville from the 31st floor on a snowy evening.

Look out

“One of Chicago’s best attributes is the lake that sits right next to Streeterville. Yes, summer days are bustling, but often you will find us on our 31st floor balcony. And, yes, it is cooler by the lake. A nice bottle of wine, an ever changing lake view, and we have a great evening.”

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“We don’t avoid being on the water either. Emily has taken up sailing. Healing, tacking, and jibing. You will also find party yachts, pontoons, party boats for dining and dancing, and tour boats to see our gorgeous skyline.”

“Tip- Board the Chicago Line tour boat at 465 McClurg on a hidden branch of the river located behind the Lofts at River East. They are super nice people and give back to the community.”

What about culture?

“One of our favorite spaces is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) at 220 E. Chicago.”

“The museum has hosted several notable exhibitions including David Bowie and Jeff Koons. There are  many important works in the collection including Jasper Johns, Alexander Calder, and Andy Warhol. Plus, the museum hosts free jazz concerts on the lawn in the summer. There is also the Arts Club of Chicago. It’s a private club that exhibits international contemporary art. It’s located at 201 E. Ontario.”

“And, if music is more your thing, Winter’s Jazz Club at 465 N McClurg is a great venue for fine jazz. It is an intimate listening room that has top notch talent from LA to Chicago.”

Has expansion and development influenced living in Streeterville?

“Yes, in a very good way.” The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab recently opened. It’s is a 1.2 million square feet rehabilitation institute like no other. The idea is to bring scientists, technologists, and clinicians together to help patients and it’s ranked #1 in specialty care. People come from around the globe for their specialized service.”

Plentiful rentals

“Streeterville as a residential neighborhood is growing quickly. There are rentals to accommodate the students at Northwestern Medical School, Kellogg School of Business and Northwestern Law School. And buyers looking for a pied-a terre off Michigan Ave will find plenty of interesting Streeterville condos for sale. Luxury apartments with drop dead gorgeous views are plentiful. Optima Chicago and Optima Signature, Moment, Sienna Flats Boutique Apts and with amazing proximity to the river, The Lofts at River East.”

“The piece de resistance in Streeterville is One Bennett Place at 451 E. Grand which was completed in summer 2019. The condo/rental is one of the city’s most luxurious towers. At 647 feet in height, One Bennett Place is the 13th highest building in Chicago. At the base is an adjacent 2 acre park with a hilltop grove, children’s play area, dog run, and city garden. The landscape firm is best known for the Brooklyn Bridge, Maggie Daley Park, and the 606 bike trail.”


“Transportation to Streeterville is super easy.”

“The red line is about about 10 minute walk. Bussing it couldn’t be easier. We’ve got the 65, 66, 125, 29, 2, 121, 120 and 3 all within a block!”

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