Streeterville Trends

This Chicago Streeterville real estate market report is always current and provides Streeterville real estate trends and statistics – the ideal resource for a Streeterville real estate forecast.

Here we provide just what you need to see the trends for yourself. Namely, five charts to help you quickly visualize current Streeterville real estate – condo – trends over the three years with the average sale price, price per square foot, percent of original price, market time and number of listings on the market.

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NOTE: In Streeterville there are some special factors you should consider.

First, the neighborhood real estate inventory consists almost entirely of condos. As such, here we don’t display data for townhomes or single family homes.

Second, the market trends in Streeterville are influenced significantly by the demand for “in-town” condos. Plus the desirability of coming to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for shopping and entertainment.

Third, the Streeterville real estate market and Downtown Chicago was influenced in 2020 by several unusual factors. Namely, COVID, demonstrations and looting. The data reflects this.

Finally, using these charts to visualize trends helps determine the direction of the market. Plus, it can assist in forecasting the future market. Thereby informing your decision to buy or sell. For example, if you’re considering buying or selling you can quickly see if it’s a buyers of sellers market.

In conclusion, the Streeterville real estate market report shows the current Chicago Streeterville real estate trends.

It’s brought to you by Best Chicago Properties. We’re a local Downtown Chicago residential real estate brokerage. Moreover, we’ve been successfully working with Streeterville buyers, sellers and renters since 2005.

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