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Printer’s Row Real Estate Guide

Welcome, here you’ll find everything you need to know about living in Printer’s Row including all the latest Printer’s Row real estate listings for sale, Printer’s Row lofts as well as rentals.

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Best Printer’s Row Loft Buildings

When you think of Printer’s Row real estate of course vintage lofts come to mind.

Here are some of our favorite vintage loft buildings in Printer’s Row. We recommend browsing listings in these buildings as a starting point.

We know all the Printer’s Row loft buildings exceptionally well and can assist you with buying, selling or renting in any building.

What’s Best About Living In Printer’s Row?

Living in Printer’s Row means enjoying a close knit eclectic neighborhood with an interesting literary history, a great location plus amazing Printer’s Row lofts at every turn.


Locally, Printer’s Row has quite a reputation for drawing eclectic and interesting people into its net. In part this is due to the literary history of the neighborhood but we believe it’s also because Printer’s Row real estate is in itself ecelctic in nature.

Printer’s Row is located south of downtown Chicago within the greater South Loop neighborhood. It sits just above the popular Dearborn Park neighborhood.

On the map, it stretches from Congress Parkway on the north to Polk Street on the south and from the Chicago River on the west to Plymouth Court on the east.


Printer’s Row retains its connection to its literary history. For example, there is an Annual Literature Festival each June.

Started in 1984, it draws booksellers and readers from all over the city. Hundreds of stalls span both Dearborn and Harrison Streets.

Almost any book in any edition can be found. The Literature Festival offers everything from cheap paper backs to rare first editions; you name it you can find it here.


Currently, many business people and professionals occupy Printer’s Row lofts. Since living in these buildings allows them to walk to work.

Printer’s Row real estate might be right for you if you value convenience. For example, one can quickly get to the lake for a bike ride or to Grant Park and Museum campus.

Printer’s Row sits in the middle of the South Loop making living in Printer’s Row super convenient. All the more reason to consider calling this little gem of a neighborhood home sweet home.

Historic Printer’s Row Lofts

As you might expect, buildings in Printer’s Row were originally established for the printing and publishing industry. These buildings have now been converted into lofts.

If you love loft living, this place is for you for sure. Here you’ll find many Chicago lofts for sale. And many are still known by their original publishing house names.

The long, narrow streets allow for the maximum amount of sunlight to enter these tall buildings. This was necessary at one time to assist in the engraving and typesetting processes. These days it’s a great feature of the loft conversions which occupy many of the old buildings.

To conclude, if you want to buy vintage loft in a well-located pocket neighborhood steps from all that Chicago offers and where there’s a literary history and interesting people, buying Printer’s Row real estate might be right for you.

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