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Here you’ll find the latest Bucktown real estate for sale including Bucktown homes for sale and information you need if you’re considering living in Bucktown.

Here the latest restaurants and independent shops exist side-by-side with with classic neighborhood joints and artists’ galleries in one of Chicago’s most established and, at the same time, eclectic west side neighborhoods.

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What’s Best About Living In Bucktown?

Bucktown is located west of Lincoln Park and immediately north of Wicker Park. It sits between North and Fullerton Avenues, and from the Kennedy Expressway (routes 90/94) west to Western Ave. This location, while not close to the lake, is a convenient residential area. That’s because it’s just a short ride into the city by car or train. The best train ton the city is the Blue line El at the corner of N. Milwaukee & N. Damen. And finally, you might like to search for homes in the three Bucktown zip codes – 606146062260647.


Like so many the neighborhoods bordering it, Bucktown’s original settlers didn’t keep their monopoly for long. Success, progress, and space all conspired to make the area inviting. Especially to other European immigrants, who rapidly expanded their own holdings throughout the early part of the 20th century.

Though never actually slowing down, the wave of immigration simply shifting from north to south during the 1960s. Thats when vast swaths of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Mexican immigrants began living in Bucktown. The result was a large melting pot of a neighborhood. One where store signs and spoken word change with every block, but quality of food of all sorts remained a constant.

Perhaps of greater import, these immigrant groups played an instrumental part in shaping Bucktown into what it is today. The population influx quickly outpaced available Bucktown real estate. As such, developers seized the opportunity to convert old buildings into expansive loft spaces. Plus they built new developments throughout using old abandoned lots and industrial yards. This lead to widespread gentrification.

Living In Bucktown Is Soulful Living

Today, owning Bucktown real estate means owning a piece of Chicago’s soul. Living in Bucktown means sharing your streets and parks with young families, retired couples, budding artists, chic restaurateurs and more. Simultaneously established and eclectic, Bucktown can only be described as the Portland of the Midwest.

It also means you can spend your afternoon gliding down its cozy tree-lined residential streets, only to spill out onto a main drag and into the arms of a waiting block party. It’s one of the best walkable Chicago neighborhoods. Bucktown’s mixture of residential real estate and commercial zoning gives residents the luxury of wandering in and out of art galleries and theaters on any given night. It’s no wonder so much of Chicago finds Bucktown nightlife some of the best in the city.


Living in Bucktown is incredibly convenient for any Chicagoan looking for a balance between urban lifestyle and suburban peace. Whether stopping at Mariano’s to stock up for a cookout with family and friends, to jogging through the neighborhood, or simply on your normal commute, owning real estate in Bucktown puts you in the middle of the action while remaining affordable.


For those looking to make their home in Bucktown, there are always plenty choices, not just Bucktown condos. Bucktown real estate offers more. Nearly endless options. One-bedroom apartments and lofts abound for the singles starting school or pursuing a new business, while beautifully renovated single family homes in Bucktown prove irresistible to families of all sizes. Coupled with the advantage of being situated in a highly ranked school district, living in Bucktown provides for its residents.

At Home In Bucktown


Bucktown nightlife is worthwhile and vivid, often blending all hours of the day together. By day, Bucktown means meandering in and out of its myriad coffee shops, maybe wolfing down a world-class Italian beef sandwich. Bucktown by night means feeling like a connected socialite when you breeze through the doors of one of the neighborhood’s various pubs. There’s truly something for everyone whether you’re visiting or living in Bucktown.


No conversation about owning some Bucktown real estate would be complete without discussing the Bucktown Arts Fest. An all-volunteer event hosted by a nonprofit and completely free to the public are yet another reason why living in Bucktown means living it up. We can’t say enough about Bucktown / Wicker Park’s central art district which is bordered by Milwaukee, Damen, Wabansia and North Avenues. Here you’ll find dozens of galleries in and above store fronts plus the old Flat Iron Building which houses a huge collection of galleries where you’ll find original works of many established and up-an-coming Chicago artists. This area is also where the annual Bucktown Arts Fest is held every August.


Moving to Bucktown also means you’ll have your choice of style when it comes to seeking your best Bucktown home. In a seemingly endless state of growth and change, Bucktown homes offer among the most variety of architecture and design you’ll find in Chicago. So whether you’re considering traditional Chicago bungalows in the heart of Bucktown, mod new Bucktown condos or renovated modern masterpieces, Bucktown real estate never disappoints. Often, you’ll find they right next door to each other, which certainly gives you the best of the both worlds (meaning no sacrificing location for personal taste).


Of course, living in Bucktown means you’ll have an easy time of leaving Bucktown. Possibly the most dreaded thing in Chicago is traffic, and Bucktown gives its residents a convenient way to circumvent the worst of it. Located right nearby a few major access points to 90/94, Bucktown living means a dramatically shortened commute in and out of the Loop. Plus, for those days when the expressway is hopelessly gridlocked, you can hop off and navigate neighborhood streets back to your home in Bucktown.

If you’d rather not drive, Bucktown’s got you covered. The neighborhood offers several CTA stops, both train and bus, for Bucktown residents to easily get to and from home and work. And if you’re an exceptional overachiever, Divvy Bike stands abound Bucktown, making sure that wherever you’re buying real estate has quick and easy access to the rest of the city. The neighborhood is one of the most bike-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago.

For those who find themselves traveling further than the Loop often, Bucktown is a respectable distance to both Chicago airports. Midway is a reasonable drive straight south, while O’Hare is readily access via train, car, or taxi from your Bucktown home.

Bucktown Real Estate – Conclusion

Whether you visit Bucktown for the day or make a conscious effort to spend some time there, it’s impossible not to see why Bucktown living is so attractive. Perhaps most importantly, Bucktown real estate is an attractive balance of city value with suburban affordability. Buying a home in Bucktown means you can count on the steady gains made by the growing northwest neighborhoods without paying the deeper urban premiums that often come with owning Downtown Chicago real estate.

Whatever size home you seek, living in Bucktown is always worth considering. If you’re thinking about buying or selling your home in Bucktown, let us help. Learn more about Best Chicago Properties or browse all the latest Chicago listings.

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