The Latest West Loop Townhomes For Sale

Welcome, here you’ll find current West Loop Townhome listings. We’ve cut out the noise so you can see just the current townhomes for sale in the West Loop. Explore the townhomes below or learn more about investing in a West Loop Townhome.

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More About Investing In A West Loop Townhome

Let’s take a closer look at West Loop townhomes. A lot of buyers don’t want a condo or loft but ideally would like to purchase a single-family home. And since the West Loop doesn’t offer many single family homes for sale, the next best thing is a West Loop townhome. And there are some amazing townhomes to be found in the West Loop.

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One of several popular West Loop townhomes for sale recently along Monroe Street.

That said, there are not nearly as many townhomes here as there are condos and lofts. But there are still some good choices. Especially along Monroe Street, just west of our office location.

There you’ll find several townhome developments including the well-liked Chelsea Townhomes developed by Belgravia Group.

Most of the West Loop townhomes along Monroe Street are brick with beautiful masonry details and feature large windows that let in plenty of light.

Townhomes Have Advantages

As an investment, townhomes do enjoy some advantages over condos. For example, townhome HOA fees tend to be lower than condo assessments.

And If you want to own the land that you live on then a townhome beats a condo where you basically own just the air space between your walls and a fraction of the land. Not that this isn’t always the case so to be certain you need to research the townhome before buying. Learn more about living in the West Loop.

We’ve been helping clients buy, sell and rent West Loop townhomes for over 10 years. And we’d be happy to assist you. Thanks for reading!

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