West Loop Trends

This West Loop real estate market report is updated in real-time with most current West Loop real estate trends and statistics – a good resource for a West Loop real estate forecast.

Here we just provide exactly what you need to see the trends for yourself. Namely, five charts to help you quickly visualize current West Loop real estate trends over the past three years with the average sale price, price per square foot, percent of original price, market time and the number of listings on the market.

Learn more about the West Loop and view current listings or just ask us about West Loop real estate trends and what’s best for your situation.

Our office is in the heart of the West Loop and we’ve been assisting clients buy, sell and rent in the West Loop for over 15 years.

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Visualizing these trends can help you determine the direction of the market, forecast the future and inform your decisions.

For example, if you’re considering selling your property, seeing these market trends can be especially helpful to understand when making your pricing decisions.

Of if you’re thinking of buying, these charts can help you determine if it’s a buyers market. And what the average price per square foot is for the overall West Loop vs. the condo purchase you’re considering.

Here you’ll find the latest Chicago West Loop real estate trends brought to you by Best Chicago Properties.

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