Chinatown Real Estate Guide

Here you’ll find information about Chicago’s Chinatown real estate for sale, what it’s like living in Chinatown and much more. Chicago’s Chinatown is the heart of the midwest Chinese cultural and business community and an amazing place to call home.

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Chinatown Real Estate For Sale

What’s Best About Living In Chinatown?

Walk through Chinatown’s elaborately decorated gateway and you’ll find yourself in a lively and vibrant world of authentic restaurants, bars and shops. Tourists and Chicagoans flock here for the most delicious Chinese dishes like Sichuan pork, Peking roasted duck and dim sum. Yum! But there’s much more to this iconic and influential Chicago neighborhood than just amazing food. Let’s take a closer look.

Chinatown real estate – what’s it like?

Chinatown real estate for sale primarily consists of older single-family homes and three-flats. Plus, plenty of new construction townhomes and Chinatown condos for sale here as well as high-rise condos in the nearby South Loop.

How’s the shopping in Chinatown?

Chinatown has all types of shopping and services including banks, grocery stores, restaurants, gift shops and Chinese medicine stores. The central focal point for neighborhood shopping is Chinatown Square. This popular destination was built up in the 1990’s and features an open courtyard surrounded by restaurants, shops and offices.

What Parks are in Chinatown?

Ping Tom Memorial Park is a large and peaceful city park on the north edge of Chinatown. Here you’ll find nearly 18 acres of ideal outdoor space to enjoy. This is a perfect place to walk, swim, bike and exercise. Or just relax while taking in a concert, movie, picnic and the beautiful river and skyline views.

How about Chinatown Architecture?

Many Chinatown structures feature detailed exterior façades depicting symbols like dragons and art connected to Chinatown’s cultural heritage. There are colorful works of art throughout the neighborhood. One favorite is the Chinatown Mural which features over 100,000 individually cut hand-painted pieces of glass brought from China. This gorgeous mosaic tells the story of Chinese immigrants and offers a visual picture of Chinese culture.

What are Chinatown’s transportation options?

Live in Chinatown and you can easily access the CTA red and green lines. It’s also easy to access the Stevenson I-55 and the Dan Ryan I-90/94. Moreover, you can also quickly bike to Downtown Chicago or even take a water taxi to the Chicago Riverwalk! In addition, there are of course also a variety of bus lines.

Where is Chicago’s Chinatown located?

Chinatown is located on the South Side of Chicago within the Armor Square neighborhood. The neighborhood generally runs from 18th St. on the north along the South Branch of the Chicago River on the west down to the Stevenson I-55 on the south and over to S. Clark on the east side. Chinatown includes parts of zip codes 60608 and 60616.

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